1200x4 EVO5

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Soundigital 1200.4 EVO 4 amplifier 4 channels 4 Ohm

Soundigital Evolution series amplifiers change the concept of STRONG playing! In a short time, this amplifier brand has grown into one of the largest manufacturers in Brazil. And no wonder, as each amplifier is designed and manufactured in their own factory. The design team includes a number of tough names for the so-called Pancadao builders, these are cars that play music continuously for really long periods of time at outdoor events. This hobby puts amplifiers really hard and no compromise in design is the solution.

Technical Specifcations


  • 12,6V: @ 2Ω: 4 x 300 W RMS
  • 12.6V: @ 4Ω: 4 x 198 W RMS
  • 14,4V: @ 2Ω: 4 x 335 W RMS
  • 14,4V: @ 4Ω: 4 x 221 W RMS
  • CROSSOVER LP / HP: 80Hz 12dB
  • DIMENSIONS L: 17,0cm W: 13,6cm H: 5,5cm
  • FREQUENCY 5Hz-22Khz

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